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 of Western New York, Inc.
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No WC/WCX planned at this time.   If test is added website and facebook will be updated
The Golden Retriever Club of Western New York
last held our Annual WC / WCX
On Saturday, Sept 17th 2011
Tonawanda and John White Wildlife Management Areas
Alabama/Royalton, NY

WCX New Titles earned at this year's test

Gaylans Water Dancer of Emeline WCX MH UD AX MXJ CCA TDI ***
Hilderbrandt, Mary

Emeline's Jewel of the Nile
Hilderbrandt, Mary

Adirondac Tea Party JH WC
Carol M. Lantiegne

Adirondac Princess Firefly JH WC CD SH CCA CGC
Martha Sturtz

Last Year.......

Our revered Lester Freer about to send one of his redheads...


WC Qualifiers:
Emeline's Jewel of the Nile,  Mary  Hilderbrandt

Quinleighblu Rivermate's Diver,  Sally  Baritell

Birchrun's Heart and Soul CD,  Sally  Baritell

Left to Right
1) Judge Diane Sanfilippo, 2) Sally Baritell
3)Judge Todd Clickner, 4)Mary Hilderbrandt


Millcreek's Blessed Traveler JH

ATR's Eclectic RV's Darb, Lester Freer

Ida Red ATR's Eclectic Ebby ***, Lester Freer

Left to right
1)Audrey Coleman, 2) Judge Diane Sanfilippo, 3)Fran Kovalcik
4)Judge Todd Clickner, 5)Les Freer


Congratulations to All !!!





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