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Finding Meaning in our Losses……and Hope for the Future…



  • For cancer research:  lists all the current contacts for the various cancer studies.(Updated in 2011.)  Make a copy for your vet to keep on file.


If you are not sure which researcher to contact, email or call Rhonda Hovan, GRCA Research Facilitator, who can help direct you to the right researcher. 330-668-0044 or 330-338-4236
To send samples directly to Dr. Jaime Modiano (Modiano Lab - University of Minnesota Cancer Center) call 612 626 6890 ext. 1,



  • Attention owners of senior Goldens (12 years +):

 When the time comes that your Golden can contribute to Pigmentary Uveitis research, contact Dr. Wendy Townsend at 765-494-1107

        Make a copy for your vet to keep on file.


  • Golden Retriever Virus  and Lymphoma Study *New as of April 2012 – seeking enrollment of healthy 6-8 year olds*


  • Senior CERF Project:

The Golden Retriever Foundation will pay for CERF registrations for Golden Retrievers 8 years and older to be added to online registries. Download the voucher at


  • DNA Samples: Pertinent to all Goldens

Blood can be stored in the CHIC DNA Repository for use in current and future research. Instructions at

Remember to update the health status of dogs in the database at CHIC@OFFA.ORG



  • Other health issues:
For an overview and more links to a comprehensive list of health issues in Golden Retrievers, visit




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