New Member Procedures

  1. Person(s) expressing an interest in the club should submit their name, mailing address, email, and  phone number to any club member. 
  2. Potential applicant information should then be forwarded to the Membership Coordinator. 
  3. The Membership Coordinator then will mail out the following documents to the applicant(s) or direct them to the web site to download available forms
  1. GRCWNY Membership Application Form
  2. GRCWNY Club Mission Statement, Objectives, and Activity Outline
  3. Information on the dates, place and time of the next two club meetings
  4. A copy of the GRCWNY Constitution and By-Laws
  5. The link to the GRCA By-Laws and Code of Ethics: 
  1. Applicant should return the completed application form with a check for the application fee plus the first year’s membership dues to the Membership Coordinator at the next club meeting or by mail. 
  2. Application and payment will be held by the Membership Coordinator until the applicant(s) has attended two meetings and their application has been approved by the club’s Board of Directors. 
  3. If the applicant(s) completes the application requirements and is approved as a new member, the applicant(s) will be mailed a new member welcome letter as official notification of acceptance into the club, as well as being personally welcomed by the president at the next meeting. 
  4. If the applicant(s) does not complete the requirements, or the application is refused by the Board of Directors, or the application is withdrawn by the applicant(s),  the unprocessed funds will be returned to the applicant(s). 
  5. Once an application has been accepted, the Membership Coordinator will notify the club Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster of the new member inclusion in the club rosters and mailings. The completed application form will be turned over to the Secretary for archival filing and the fees payment will be given to the Treasurer for deposit into the club’s bank account.

 Membership Application Procedures
Complete the application form and mail it along with a check for the appropriate fees (see below) to the Membership Coordinator. Checks should be made payable to GRCWNY, Inc

One time application fee $10.00
Single Membership Yearly Dues $ 30.00

Family Membership Yearly Dues $ 35.00

  Membership Application

All new membership application to be submitted to the membership coordinators – Dan & Shirley Petko