The Club is objective is to education puppy buyers with their search for a puppy.   Below is a wealth information provided by the GRCA.

Puppy Education

Making a well thought out decision is important when you are considering bringing a dog into your home. Knowing the reasons you may not want a Golden are important to consider. We also know that a well bred, well trained Golden can be a joy for its entire lifetime.   Learn more

Health Screenings for the Parents of a Litter

The Golden Retriever of America code of ethics requires breeders to have litter parents health screening completed.  The GRCA requires hips, elbows, eyes and heart clearances.   Reputable breeders are expected to conduct screening examinations for these diseases on the parents of a litter, and to disclose the results to prospective puppy buyers.  See samples of OFA certifications and CERF.   Learn more

Puppy vs Adult

In some cases a puppy doesn’t fit into your life style or current life situation.   Possibly looking for a young adult/retired adult or rescue may suit you better.   Learn more

New Enthusiasts to the Golden Retriever

The GRCA is a wealth of information with regards to the Golden Retriever.    Learn more

Resourceful links

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